SIMA ( Servicios de Ingenieria, Manofactura y Automatización) is a 100% Mexican company working since 1995 and it belongs to Grupo ICASA. The main focus of SIMA is providing the best services in:

  • Design, Production, Sales and Installations of Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Fume Exhaustion Systems
  • Property Maintenance and Services for buildings in Electrical Installations, Air Conditioning, Hydro-Sanitary Systems and Finishes (painting, carpentry, masonry, plumbing and gardening), Property Cleaning and other maintenance jobs

Our products and services are designed to fulfill the needs of varied sectors such as:


Before giving any advise to our clients we asset their needs to be able to provide comfort for each space and we take care of specialized tasks so our clients can focus into their own activities, leaving routines to experts. In addition, we also provide technical support as well as pre- and post- sale consulting, guaranteeing our products and services.